"Recently, at a dinner party, the subject of eye surgery came up. A friend of mine told me 'I’ll do LASIK when my doctor gets it done.' I smiled and told her I already had.
Before medical school, I was very nearsighted. So much so, I could only see my hand a foot or two in front of my face. I was worried about long nights in the anatomy lab and on the wards. I ski, cycle and rock climb, and having to worry about glasses fogging up or getting chalk in my eyes were not at the top of my priority list. I already had dry eyes, and contact lenses were becoming more and more miserable. I decided I would get LASIK, and have had over a decade of freedom from glasses and contacts."
– Dr. Brad Gustave

As a patient himself, Dr. Gustave can testify firsthand to the positive effect laser vision has had on his life. Helping others achieve this same freedom with LASIK and PRK has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his job. This website is a great resource to educate you about laser vision correction and to help you understand how laser vision correction can affect your life.